With undergraduate degrees in Motion Pictures and History from the University of Miami, I originally intended to pursue film making behind the scenes. Nowadays, I am armed with a still camera, photographing people, places, and things in South Florida. I am constantly drawn to composition, form, angles, lighting, subject matter - practically all things related to images and how they convey messages.

For several years after graduation, I was a location scout, agent, and manager, specializing in representing private homes to be used in shoots. The majority of shoots were major fashion still photography advertising campaigns and editorial jobs.

More recently I have gone into the family business managing our produce companies while doing photography on the side. Photography continues to be my true calling. I have shot portraits on location and in studio as well as covered weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties, corporate events as well as other parties and events. This allows me to hone my photography skills and explore new areas, both literally and figuratively.

I find my fine art and travel photography is infused with touches of community, history, culture and whimsical humor. My roots are in Miami, but my journeys have also led me to various parts of the world. I have been a photographer onboard a Holland America cruise ship, which was by far the most challenging experience ever. Imagine shooting hundreds of images every day for several hours in different environments and then processing and selling them. These travels, as well as my unique family heritage, have made a lasting impact on who I am, which in turn influence my work. I seek to contribute to the film and photography world by creating meaningful and aesthetically pleasing images, all the while making people smile.
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