Let me take the pictures so you can enjoy your party or event. I always arrive on time or early to familiarize myself with the location and those involved. During the event, I take a mixture of candid and posed shots as well as close ups of the details. Then I will process the images as soon as possible and in a timely fashion. The turnaround time depends on the number of pictures taken, which typically correlates to the scale and number of hours at the event. The pictures will be placed in a password protected gallery on this website. Prints and gifts can be purchased at your leisure through this website by clicking the "buy" icon in your gallery.

3 hours or less of photography with password protected web gallery and  jpeg files available for download $250

Overtime after 3 hours: $125 per hour

Weddings and large events are priced differently depending on the number of photographers needed and hours.

Travel outside Miami-Dade County is charged at the current IRS suggested mileage rate or reimbursement for flight and hotel is requested.


Portraits are basically people photos for any occasion (newborns, infants, children, quinceañeras, milestone years, engagements, maternity, family group shots, you name it.) Living in South Florida means loads of sunshine and great outdoor locations. Together we will choose a mutually convenient time and setting. Each photo session typically lasts an hour. Then it's editing time and within approximately 3-4 weeks your photos will be in a password protected gallery on this website. Prints and gifts can be purchased at your leisure through this website by clicking the "buy" icon in your gallery.

1 hour of photography at 1 location with password protected web gallery and jpeg files available for download: $250

Additional location $125

Any applicable location permit, admission, and / or parking fees are additional.

Travel outside Miami-Dade County is charged at the current IRS suggested mileage rate or reimbursement for flight and hotel is requested.


Selling your home or just want to show it off? When perusing dozens of listings, a picture can easily turn prospective buyers onto or away from a property. As a former location scout and agent, I have photographed hundreds of properties. Rates are quoted on a case by case basis. Please e-mail to inquire.


What type of photography have you done before?
Most of my calls are for parties and second most are for portraits, although my favorite work comes from travel and architecture / interior photography. The list keeps growing, but here are a few of the things I’ve shot: engagement portraits and parties, bridal showers, weddings and wedding rehearsals, maternity portraits, baby showers, baptisms, birthday parties, kids portraits, graduation parties, conferences, marathons, dragon boat races, and many properties.

What is your style?
My images are a reflection of my personality. I tend to be a quiet observer and quick to respond. Candid photography suits me – blending in seamlessly in a crowd and snapping away to capture the least guarded moments – yet ready to jump in the middle of the action. The photos are straight-forward yet artistic, but not overly stylized. My influences come from fine art photography, photojournalism, fashion photography, and cinema. As an artist, I like to be continually challenged and my work will evolve through time.

Does Olivia shoot every job or will someone else be assigned?
Yes, I am a one woman show. All pictures on my site were taken by me and I do every shoot and do my own editing so you know you’re getting quality work and my style. Some photographers hire others to cover jobs for them, but not me. In the event, such as a wedding, where a second photographer is needed, I will only hire the best.

Do you have a studio?
South Florida is so beautiful and varied and I like the excitement and unpredictability that comes with shooting on location. A studio is too confining and boring for me, plus I won’t be passing the overhead costs onto you. My years of experience as a location scout and agent here come in very handy. I have, however, set up a makeshift studio utilizing a simple cloth backdrop and minimal lighting.

If I want to shoot at Vizcaya or somewhere that requires a permit, will you handle it?
Of course! I will handle any permitting and coordinating with the locations for a small fee. Do you do shoots outside of Miami? Yes. There is a small travel surcharge depending on the distance.

What kind of prints and photo gifts do you offer?
Aside from the common 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 sizes, you can have your photos framed, printed on canvas, mounted and ready to hang, and even blown up to 36x36. Plus, there are choices in paper like glossy, matte, lustre which is a mix between glossy and matte, and metallic which is a gorgeous museum-quality paper that adds an extra punch to your portrait. There are lots of fun things you can do with your photos. There are stickers, keepsake boxes, coasters, mouse pads, t-shirts, calendars, photo albums, etc. All these can be purchased on my website. When your photos are up, click the buy icon and select the quantities and products you’d like. Then pay by credit card and your order is shipped to you. It’s all very easy.

Why are your portrait and party rates so low compared to others?
I like to keep things affordable for my customers and I do photography because I love it and not for the money.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?
Many people think being a photographer is easy; all you do is show up and take pictures and who doesn’t like that? It’s not really work (or so they think.) Only a fraction of a photographer’s time is spent at the actual wedding. So many more hours are spent in pre and post-production. When shooting hundreds of images in one day, there are countless hours spent editing them down and putting together the final product. You’re not just paying for pictures, you’re paying for the artistry that goes behind creating them. I’d be willing to bet that all photographers do it because they love creating images and telling stories, and they’re not in it for the money. I know that’s why I do it. There’s also the cost of wear and tear on expensive and fragile photo equipment and the fact that photographers on the most part work freelance.

I have a small fashion or advertising shoot. Can you help?
Yes! My production background has me well equipped to deal with producing, shooting, assisting, styling, etc. I have a lot of local industry contacts and can assemble a team or refer you to others if needed.

Please e-mail for more information.
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