Wrapping up 2020

2020. What a year! I bet we can all agree that it was nothing what we expected and we can't wait for it to be over. It was one major event after another with Covid-19 at the forefront of everyone's minds. Records were broken (and not records you would want to break.) We were tested in so many ways. Business owners like myself have never gone through a year like this.

Photography as a business is something I have been doing since 2008. It has never been my primary source of income as I have another business to manage. If it were, I would have been in deep financial trouble. This year I only had photography gigs in January. Imagine going all these months without work?!? In March and April I went a few weeks without pay, but nothing like complete loss of income. My heart goes out to those who didn't have a fallback option. 

As we round out the year, I feel it's time to pick up my camera; the iPhone doesn't count.  This year's posts on Facebook @oliviawongphoto Instagram @oliviawongphotography and Twitter @oliviawongphoto have been more personal and a commingling of my two business endeavors because photography is personal and work surrounds me. I have chosen to show positive images and what attracts me. Nowadays, that's dogs and babies, food (especially Fullei Fresh brand sprouts,) fitness, design and South Florida.

I am still very cautious when it comes to being around people so I may take long to go back to photographing parties and events. Portraits and commercial work is a possibility. Let's talk and see where the journey takes us!    


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